Most people want to live a perfect, happy, peaceful life.

If you want to live a perfect life, start by living a perfect day.

Every day that you’re alive is your life in miniature.

You make choices every day that either get you closer or further away from your perfect day.

You can’t live a perfect day until you know exactly what YOUR perfect day looks like.

This thing we do every second of every day is not a dress rehearsal!

You’re on the stage right now, make sure you’re making each day count!

Define your Perfect Day - and then Start Living It!



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Living My Perfect Day.

"Inspired by the content and connection with The Freedom Fighter community, I have rented out my house, applied for a sailing certification and a certificate to teach English and I’m on my way to Thailand, to follow my dream of long-term travel and to create my perfect day" - Bronwyn.

Following Dreams.

"I realized I had dreams and aspirations, but I had not taken any steps in achieving them. I was stuck in the mindset of what society wants us to be. I shed those beliefs and I’m in the process of creating my own. I want to thank Gareth, the Freedom Fighter team and Facebook group for inspiring me to go chase my dreams." - Bryan

A More Focused Wife and Mother.

"Dear Gareth,
I have to say I am blown away. Your understanding of what other people need to hear to enable them to make their lives happier is incredible. You have a way of forcing people to look within and be uncomfortable which is where growth happens. Your content is thought-provoking and inspirational!! Thank you." - Kerry