Have you ever noticed how much noise there is around us each and every day? Physical noise: people talking to us, phones ringing or ambient noise from things around us: traffic, radio or other conversations.

There is also the additional “noise” from technology that continually takes our765r4e6789 attention: email, social media or SMS.

How often do you take the time to sit quietly to process your thoughts? Life is made up of numerous daily experiences and interactions, yet we seldom take the time to dissect these interactions and decide how we want to apply or make them part of our lives.

If your doctor told you that in order to extend or improve your life, you needed to make thirty minutes of physical activity part of your life each day you’d most likely do it. But if, in order to improve numerous other areas of your life, it were suggested to spend thirty minutes quietly on your own each day, most us wouldn’t manage to make the time.

A set amount of time each day,inwardly focused, will give your mind clarity to identify the important areas of your life that require focus as well as which areas are simply noise, and can be ignored.

Try it.