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Having run my own advertising agency in South Africa for 10 years, I sold the business and went travelling for 6-months to decide what to do next. Driven by the idea of being able to earn an income on the internet, that allowed a business owner freedom from a geographical location, I have experimented, tested and refined various online business models over the past four years.

The main focus of the businesses within The Freedom Fighter network are building engaged communities on the internet and the creation of businesses that use the web to teach. I believe that every person has the ability to teach something, and that the internet allows you to reach users anywhere in the world in your specific niche.


An Active Community of Online Entrepreneurs.

One on One Coaching.

I work with clients to help them take their business online.

Business Blog Posts

Connect with like-minded people

I heard about this app over a year ago and never spent the time to sign up or use it. But since signing up for free on MeetUp, I have really enjoyed the service and the simple way it connects you with like-minded people in your city. The app is a location-based...

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Lessons from a crazy person [Video]

The hugely successful Jim Carey, known for his crazy antics and onscreen madness didn't alway have things running smoothly in his life. When his Dad died at the age of 19, Carey went to Hollywood to follow his path of becoming an actor, but continually failed and in...

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Want to live to be 100?

I discovered a very interesting concept this week called Ikigai. Translated (from Japanese) it means "reason for being" and requires a search within yourself to find this purpose in what you do. The search should contain the following 4 elements: Do something that...

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The easiest way to become successful. [Part 2 / 2]

In the first part of this blog post we chatted about how we measure success. Here is the second part of the post on how we define success, I hope you enjoy it: When you think about the word "successful" - who's the first person that comes to mind? For some, it maybe...

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The easiest way to become successful. [Part 1 / 2]

How do you measure success? How do you know that you're on the right path, doing the things you need to in order to achieve the outcome you're aiming for? The answer is simple, it depends. It depends on how you measure "success". Most of the western world, expect...

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Top 10 tips to prepare for your performance review.

One day you’re going to look back on your life and you’re going to have to answer to your performance. For those working in corporate think about it like a “360 degree appraisal” – with yourself. Here are my 10 tips to ensure you’re properly prepared for your...

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6 Reasons you SHOULDN’T quit your job and travel full time.

Returning home to South Africa after an action-packed 18 months of traveling around Europe and Asia, I can easily say that it's been the most amazing 18 months of my life. The decision to pack up and leave initially wasn't easy. In fact, making the choice up front was...

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Lessons in Crowdfunding

Since crowdfunding was launched a few years ago, I've always been interested in the idea. I love "tech stuff", and love the start up environment. One of my goals has always been to have an idea or product and launch it through  a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is...

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How to “get things done”

How effective are you at completing your daily to do list? Where do you save an email that you're not able to reply to right now? What is the next task that needs to be done a project you're involved in? All of us have a way of making sure that we get things done. You...

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The little red circle that kills dreams.

Your success is only a function of your daily to do list. Set your big dreams, scope the big project, and then do the small things each day to get you there. How much focused time did you put into your to do list yesterday? Do you find yourself distracted throughout...

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Keep your goals to yourself

Are you focused on achieving your goals? Some thinking on this topic was that sharing your aspirations with people close to you, made you more likely to achieve them. The idea was that you would then be accountable to those close to you to reach your goals. Below is a...

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5 Reasons why you should work for yourself

I've always been an entrepreneur. It started when I was in high school and sold my best friend's au pair services to a lady looking for someone to look after her kids. My dad helped me draw up a simple contract, I charged a placement fee, my friend got a job, and a...

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