Make a difference. Make a profit.

Having run my own advertising agency in South Africa for 10 years, I sold the business and went travelling for 6-months to decide what to do next. Driven by the idea of being able to earn an income on the internet, that allowed a business owner freedom from a geographical location, I have experimented, tested and refined various online business models over the past four years.

The main focus of the businesses within The Freedom Fighter network are building engaged communities on the internet and the creation of businesses that use the web to teach. I believe that every person has the ability to teach something, and that the internet allows you to reach users anywhere in the world in your specific niche.


An active community of online entrepreneurs, supporting one another in their businesses.


A 6-month Masterclass to help clients set up and build an online teaching business. 

One on One Coaching.

I work with clients to help them take their business online.

Business Blog Posts

A great tool for planning and brainstorming

You may or may not have heard of a brainstorming process called Mind Mapping. The theory is something I learnt on a course on many years ago through the "father of Mind Mapping" - Tony Buzan. The idea behind this method of planning is starting with a central idea and...

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… I’ll read it later

Technology provides more and more ways to be able to consume content that we're interested in. Social media, email and the web. But sometimes more choices and more content isn't better. Sometimes there’s too much information. Too many places to access it from. Have...

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Learning lessons

We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Some lessons are painful, some are painless … but all are priceless.

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Get Things

Management of tasks is key to being successful, maintaining momentum, and getting things done. It's an area that I spend a large amount of time working with coaching clients on. There are numerous task management applications and software available, and in future...

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The “dis-ease” of being busy

Almost every app, new technology or product is made with the view of making our lives easier or more manageable. Yet our lives are busier than they have ever been. We have less time, more email and more stress. The lines between work and family time are non existent....

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Want vs. Do.

How many things are there in your life that you "want"? Technology, new products and services continually make it easier to get the things you "want". But  first you've  got to "do". If you're not going to do, any "doing" - don't waste time worrying about your...

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Failure, what could be worse?

From a young age we are taught negative connotations around failure. "Failing" in school is one of the first things we are taught to avoid. Living a life where we avoid failure means we often don't take risks, or simple don't try things. "You will always miss 100% of...

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Journal your life

I used to keep a journal. I kept a paper version the first time that I travelled to the states after leaving school. It was a mission to do and I often forgot to write in it. Despite that when I returned home and I went to back to reading it, it brought back a lot of...

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Is your ability to focus affecting your potential output?

Social media, plan dinner, don't forget the kid's school concert, reply to that SMS ... Each day your attention is is divided by almost everything going on in your life. As you read this article, chances are your focus is going to wonder, away from this and onto...

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