Plan. Execute. Evolve. Repeat.

 “Once you realize how beautiful you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not.” – Bruce Jett

If you don’t have a plan for your life, you’re probably part of somebody else’s plan. I believe that knowing what you want from your life is the most important question each person needs to find an answer for. Whenever we feel uneasy about something in our life or battle indecision, it is because our life plan/purpose is not clear.

I work with clients to help them formulate a plan that’s right for them and keep them accountable to execute their plan continuously until these positive daily actions become unconscious habits that transform their lives.

My approach to the development of a life strategy starts with the development self-love and increasing self-awareness. I work with my clients to ensure that this is achieved through a healthy and balanced mind. A person that is self-aware has a high degree of self-love and has a plan for their life can overcome any problems that manifest in their lives.

  • Improve your health, diet or personal fitness.
  • Eliminate feelings of depression, heartache or any other negative emotion.
  • Learn how to attract wealth, abundance or your ideal career.
  • Find personal peace and happiness.

I am a certified level 2 NLP practitioner/coach.

Living My Dream Life.


“Gareth started coaching me at a time when I had little clarity and too many ideas on how to take my dream-life forward. With his patience, optimism and supportive methodologies, he opened up possibilities. During my time with Gareth, too many positive connections were made on my path to call it a coincidence. I feel stronger and more confident to step into my dream-Life every day now. Thank you” – Simone

Life Strategy Blog Posts

The easiest way to become successful. [Part 1 / 2]

How do you measure success? How do you know that you're on the right path, doing the things you need to in order to achieve the outcome you're aiming for? The answer is simple, it depends. It depends on how you measure "success". Most of the western world, expect...

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Lessons from a girlie movie.

Someone that I know recently watched a proper "chick-flick" and they said that they really enjoyed it. They said that a lot of what they had been through in their life recently was similar to how the events unfold in this movie. One part of the movie which stood out a...

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Know anyone with cancer? (you may want to read this)

.... or diabetes or cholesterol or heart disease or has had a stroke? If you live in the "Western World" one in four people will end up with a disease of this type. It also seems more and more people that I know are becoming victim to these types of problems. I...

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You’re a dickhead, that’s all there is to it.

I read an article a while ago (which I now can't find) - which, when I read it felt like something that I didn't initially believe. The premise of the article was that your world is shaped and controlled by how you choose to see and interpret that world. To a more...

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Top 10 tips to prepare for your performance review.

One day you’re going to look back on your life and you’re going to have to answer to your performance. For those working in corporate think about it like a “360 degree appraisal” – with yourself. Here are my 10 tips to ensure you’re properly prepared for your...

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Lessons in Crowdfunding

Since crowdfunding was launched a few years ago, I've always been interested in the idea. I love "tech stuff", and love the start up environment. One of my goals has always been to have an idea or product and launch it through  a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is...

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Milestone haircuts

One of the things about travelling long term is the constant change in routine. I remember when I was living back in South Africa and moving from one suburb to another. It felt traumatic. I had to shop at another grocery store and had to drive an new way to work. Big...

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How was your day?

There is story about a man that had found his calling. Doing work he was truly passionate about. He was doing work he found inspiring and made a difference in the world. Late one night he couldn't sleep and sat in the lobby of his hotel working on his laptop. A couple...

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6 things I’ve learnt from a year of full time travel.

On Thursday last week, it has been a year since I left South Africa on my (6-month) adventure around Europe and Asia. I've visited 14 countries, had some pretty remarkable experiences and met some amazing people. Here are some of the highlights: Being an usher at good...

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How to “get things done”

How effective are you at completing your daily to do list? Where do you save an email that you're not able to reply to right now? What is the next task that needs to be done a project you're involved in? All of us have a way of making sure that we get things done. You...

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The little red circle that kills dreams.

Your success is only a function of your daily to do list. Set your big dreams, scope the big project, and then do the small things each day to get you there. How much focused time did you put into your to do list yesterday? Do you find yourself distracted throughout...

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Something you want? Make it happen.

I'm still in Nepal, assisting here after the earthquake. Things like this make me realise how quickly things can change. Life's no dress rehearsal and no one is going to do it for you.  Saw this Steve Jobs quote again and wanted to share...

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