Go. Grow.

For the past 4-years, I have been living as a “Digital Nomad”. Earning a living on the internet, and living in new and different countries every few months. Despite the temporary nature of this lifestyle, I focus on slow, meaningful travel.

I choose the country or city that I want to live in based on a personal project or bucket list item that I plan to accomplish. I feel that the experience of a new city, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures continually force me to learn, grow and see the world differently.

My aim is to capture and share these experiences, as a way to inspire The Freedom Fighter community to take action and find the magic that exists in all of our lives.


Sharing my photography journey through pictures from the road.

Bucket List

My list of things to do and places to see before I depart this world.

Travel Map

Where I’ve been, and where I am at the moment.

My Travel Videos

Watch some of the videos from my life on the road.

Travel Blog

The retirement of “The Freedom Fighter”

A few years ago I changed the name of my blog from "Go With Gareth" to The Freedom Fighter. I loved the word "Freedom" and wanted something that included it and was catchy. Over the last few months, people close to me have started to tell me that they didn't think...

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Searching for Synchronicities.

I pack the vape back into my bag. The tiny microdose of marijuana from the electrical cigarette make things slow down just a bit. I feel less in a rush. Calmer. Present. I've been working in a coffee shop for about 6 hours non-stop. Loving what you're...

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Bus Rides in Latin America

I hate goodbyes. I’m not sure why. I’m normally ok leading up to a goodbye, terrible in the moment of “goodbye, see you again, whenever”, and then ok after that. In my opinion, the best goodbyes to people that you love, are short goodbyes. Except, somehow, with my...

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Looking back on 425.

Three years ago today at 11:56 I walked out of a cafe in Kathmandu. Myself, Laura, Shelby and Simon had just had brunch and we were on our way to a music festival. As we walked out of the cafe a low rumbling started and the entire world started to shake. Things that I...

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Georgia – a country of contrast.

I knew nothing about Georgia before I arrived. I had been meaning to check out some information on Wikipedia and read a few travel blogs, but I never quite got there. 'Why are you going to Georgia?', people would ask me upon hearing of my next destination. "I had a...

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Another random travel moment

Yesterday afternoon, after Crossfit, I decided to try and get lost and explore a new area on my way slowly back home. My idea was to discover some new areas of the city and to find somewhere enticing to chill, read my book and grab a bite to eat. I turned left and...

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Six life lessons I learnt as a digital nomad

On a warm afternoon in May 2014 I was getting ready to leave South Africa for a 6-month trip to Europe and Asia.  The excitement that I felt that afternoon upon leaving South Africa felt different though. While I was excited, with the normal butterflies I...

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My exciting new project and an e-book I wrote.

At the beginning of 2017, I launched a program called the Freedom Masterclass, where 9 people undertook a 6-month program to make a significant change in their lives. It was the first time I'd tested a program of this nature where the participants were in different...

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Georgia – The First Few Hours.

"You're from South Africa?" the immigration officer asked me through the glass window as I approached the counter. "Yes, I flew via Istanbul", I replied. The man then made a call on his cell phone and within a few seconds, a surly looking man in an...

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A facelift at 38

For the last four months, I've had a "coming soon" page on my website. I initially built the original Freedom Fighter site when I realized that my life, how I travel and how I make a living where suddenly the same thing. Finding alignment in these areas of my life is...

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